Agreement by Silence

    Agreement by Silence: What It Means and Why It Matters

    In many situations, silence is often considered to be agreement. Whether this holds true in all situations is debatable, but in certain scenarios, silence does signify an affirmative response. This is known as Agreement by Silence, and it has a crucial role to play in various legal and business arrangements.

    What is Agreement by Silence?

    Agreement by Silence is an agreement that is implied through the lack of communication. It is often referred to as Tacit Agreement as it is not explicitly communicated, but rather implied and understood. This means that if someone fails to raise objections, it is assumed that they agree with the details of the arrangement.

    For instance, if you receive a service and do not complain about it, it is fair to assume that you are satisfied with it. You do not have to explicitly express your satisfaction. The same is true for business and legal agreements. In certain instances, an individual’s lack of response to an offer constitutes their acceptance of it, even in the absence of a written agreement.

    Why does Agreement by Silence Matter?

    Agreement by Silence matters in various fields, such as law, business, and even daily life. It helps to clarify what constitutes a legally binding agreement and what doesn`t. For example, it`s not uncommon to see people silently agreeing to the terms of a website’s terms and conditions, even if they don`t read them. As a result, they are bound by the terms once they start using the service.

    Similarly, agreement by silence matters in business when negotiating contractual agreements. A written response is not always necessary, and in some cases, silence can be considered as acceptance.

    However, Agreement by Silence is not applicable in all situations. It may not be reasonable to assume that silence equates to agreement in certain cases, especially when there`s a distinct power differential between the two parties or when the agreement is complex and requires a clear response.


    In conclusion, Agreement by Silence is an implied agreement that doesn’t require any explicit communication. It`s a concept that`s relevant to various fields, including law, business, and other areas of daily life. However, it`s crucial to consider the context before interpreting silence as an agreement. Sometimes, the lack of communication can be misleading, and it`s always better to be clear and express your position and concerns, especially when it comes to business and legal agreements.